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A foundational flaw in my relationship

Mar 20, 2018Entrepreneurship, Mental Health, Personal Development, Recovery, Writing

Recently, I discovered a foundational flaw in my relationship. And I heard social media is where you share those kinds of things, so…

The flaw: Sam doesn’t want me to succeed.

I know. I was surprised too. He seems like such a good guy.

But facts are facts. And the facts are clear: two days before my interview with The Mighty, Sam put an evil hex on me.

How did I find out about it? Ol’ reliable: the hunk of meat between my ears. As I was preparing for the interview, my charming brain said, “It’s a shame this didn’t work out, since it could have been such a great opportunity for Mental Health Mugs.”

“What?!” I said. “What do you mean the interview didn’t work out? It hasn’t even happened yet!”

She responded, “Yeah, but remember how Sam said you were a bad storyteller the other day? It seems pretty obvious to me that a bad storyteller is going to mess up this interview.”

“But,” I sputtered, “He didn’t mean it! He was giving me a hard time!”

She shrugged, retreating back to her lair. “Whelp. Good luck not messing it up now.”

I know. With a brain like that, I’m amazed that I struggled with my mental health for so long too.

But you know what’s incredible? My bullying brain didn’t win this time.

I sighed heavily, thinking about how much more free time I’d have if I didn’t have to deal with her shenanigans, then I got to work.

I tried to un-hex myself, realized I was in over my head & reached out for help.

Sam got a text: “Can you please tell me you think I’m a good storyteller? Lie if you need to, just say it. My brain’s being a jerk.”

Lauren got one too: “Heeelp! I’ve been cursed & have the interview today & CODE RED.”

And they both responded beautifully. They helped me. And they didn’t even call me a needy, over-sensitive piece of garbage when they did so.

Turns out I may be the only one who does that.

Because, while I tricked you in to reading this by saying it was about Sam, it has nothing to do with my relationship with him. It’s about my relationship with myself. Which, frankly, has unhealthy for most of my life.

But it’s changing. Day by day. Action by action.

And that’s possible for all of us. Amazing, huh?