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I write about myself a lot.

Mar 21, 2018Personal Development, Recovery, Writing

I write about myself a lot. A lot a lot.

Sometimes I worry about how that will be received. (Please don’t offer the advice to “just” not care about what other people think. That’s not where I am on my journey and, frankly, it’s likely to do more harm than good.)

Will it be received as self-centered? Self-absorbed? Self-indulgent? Self-any-other-word-that-applies?

I think probably sometimes. Mostly because sometimes it is all of those things. I fervently hope that my future self looks back at my writing from today & chuckles over how self-everything this stage of writing was. Because that will mean I’ve grown & growth is very important to me.

But, simultaneously, I don’t get too worked up about this worry. It crosses my mind, I fret for a bit, then I shrug & get on with writing.

Why? Glennon Doyle.

I once heard her say that “the more personal you get, the more universal it becomes,” & it hit all my “THIS IS A VERY TRUTH-Y TRUTH” receptors. My heart fluttered, my brain lit up & my gut said, “Listen to this. Believe this. Apply this. This is the right path for you.”

My “truth-y truth” receptors have the same reaction every time I sit down to write. “This is the right path for you. Trust it. Keep going. One foot in front of the other. Progress not perfection. Write self-indulgently if that’s where you’re at, just write.”

So I write about personal things. And I cross my fingers that occasionally I’ll stumble upon something that’s universal.

And, fortunately for me, I live in a Universe that’s kind. That recognizes that I’m basically an overeager puppy who just wants a pat on the head & a “good girl” sometimes. And last week, it gave me that PLUS a scratch behind the ears. All in the form of a message from a woman I care about who told me that something I wrote struck her own “truth-y truth” receptors & led to an important conversation & her first ever recovery meeting.

So thank you to her. And to the Universe. And to Glennon Doyle. And to her sister Amanda who uses phrases like “truthiest truth.” And to everyone who’s been supportive, encouraging, kind & refrained from throwing tomatoes while I ramble on about myself.