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The Sign It Was Time to Stop Hustling

Apr 10, 2019Anxiety, Depression, Entrepreneurship, Mental Health, Personal Development, Recovery

Yesterday, for the first time ever in my entire life, I manifested something.

Yes, like the woo woo kind of manifesting. I’m now familiar with the practice because I officially decided a week ago to only consume content from people who believe in magic. Or, at a minimum, are VERY AGAINST hustling.

I can’t have hustle mentality people clogging my brain any more. They’re just not my people.

So I now fill my brain up with words of wisdom from people who believe the path to a happy, healthy, abundant life is to get in alignment and seek the flow state. On a related note, I recently started breathing again. Back when life was about hustling, I didn’t have time for that. I also had emotional breakdowns about four times a week. Unrelated, I’m sure, but worth mentioning in case any of you can figure out why it was happening.

And just what did I manifest?

Get ready for it: a free Oprah magazine.

Mmm hmm. #winning

But really. As part of the new lifestyle I’m pursuing, I obviously need to throw a vision boarding party. And, to throw a vision boarding party, one simply must have O Magazine. Multiple copies, if possible. (If you don’t know this particular life fact, I strongly recommend developing a debilitating addiction then going to treatment. You learn the most important things about life there. Or, if perhaps you want to save yourself and your loved ones some pain and suffering, you could just take my word for it.)

So I started trying to find free magazines. I called the library, but my local one donates old copies to animal shelters. I asked at my acupuncturist, but they had just given theirs to another patient.

Then it happened. I ordered something online and a popup appeared. It asked if I would take a short survey in exchange for being entered to win a $25 gift card. I’ve seen these popups roughly 400,000 times in my life and have never clicked yes. But yesterday I did. AND AT THE END OF THE SURVEY, IT OFFERED ME A FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO 4 MAGAZINES OF MY CHOICE. AND OPRAH WAS ON THE LIST!

Could this very easily just be life happening as life happens? Could this not be an example of manifesting at all?

You betcha.

But what’s the harm in believing in a little magic?

Believing that I manifested these magazines has me tickled pink. It’s not hurting anyone else for me to hold this belief. And it’s giving my mood a lasting boost.

So I’m going with it. And I’m writing about it because it aligns with a belief I hold impossibly dear: since we can believe whatever we want to believe, why not choose the things that make us feel good?

This is so important for those of us who suffer from things like depression, anxiety or just general stinkin’ thinkin’: the solution to what ails us to feel better. That’s it. There is no blood test that says whether we’re cured or not, just our self-reported mood. So when I make decisions like this, when I choose to believe things that make me feel better – even if I cannot say with absolute fact that they are true – I’m sitting in my solution.

Even better, I’ll soon be sitting my solution while cutting out images for my vision board from a free copy of O Magazine. And that, my friends, makes me one happy gal.